Gospel Centered Worship

The Roundup is a curated collection of new content from around the web that all relates to worship in the Church. Click the titles below to follow the links.

1. How to Begin Thinking About Your Church’s Liturgy

Helpful thoughts on transitioning your church’s liturgy to a more gospel centered story-line. "When we gather for corporate worship we desire to do on a large scale what is hopefully happening in our individual times with God each day. Therefore, our corporate gatherings should tell the story of the gospel." Great place to begin if you’ve never thought of your service structure through a gospel lens!  

2. Austin Stone Residency

Austin Stone Worship is now accepting applications for their 2-year residency aimed at growing worship leaders both spiritually and practically. While I’ve never done the residency, it looks and sounds incredible. So far they’ve equipped and sent out over 20 worship leaders back into local church contexts.

3. 5 Leadership Questions: Keith Getty (Podcast)

Keith Getty is one of the foremost modern hymn writers alive today (most well known for writing “In Christ Alone”). In this podcast he talks about scripture’s command to sing, the importance of singing with your children, and how to cultivate a culture of encouragement as a leader.

4. Luther, the Reformation, and Songs in the Venacular (Podcast)

I literally just found the Resound Worship Podcast a couple weeks ago, and have loved what I’ve heard so far. According to their website they exist to “equip, train and inspire grass-roots worship songwriters in local churches.” I appreciated their most recent conversation on Martin Luther and the importance of singing in the vernacular.

5. In the Room: Mike Cosper (Podcast)

Mike Cosper has played a large role in shaping my philosophy and theology of worship. In this podcast he talks about worship in the local church and his most recent book called “Recapturing the Wonder: Transcendent Faith in a Disenchanted World”.

6. New album: SUDDENLY (Or the Nuclear Sunburst of the Truth Revealed) by Young Oceans

Young Oceans is an ambient rock band birthed out of artists affiliated with Trinity Grace Church in New York City. Their most recent album SUDDENLY was inspired by the Eucharist liturgy, and is saturated with ancient prayers and scripture. While it’s not congregational in nature, it is beautifully meditative and worshipful. Standout songs for me were “This Wild Earth”, “Every Heart Is Open”, “Suddenly”, and “The Humility of God”.  

7. New album: Everflow by Austin Stone Worship

Austin Stone Worship just put out a new album last Friday titled Everflow that was written as a response to the themes found in the book of 1 Peter. Standout songs for me were “Singing in the Victory”, “Emmanuel God With Us”, and “Jesus Lifted High”. Videos, chord charts, and more are available on their website.

8. New album: Prayers of the Saints Live by Sovereign Grace Music

Prayers of the Saints is Sovereign Grace Music’s newest live recording that released just last Friday. It focuses primarily on themes of longing and anticipation while we live in the “already but not yet” tension of God’s kingdom. Standout songs for me were “He Is Our God”, “How Long, O Lord”, and “We Look to You”.

9. New album: Work Songs by Porter's Gate Worship Project

The Porter’s Gate Worship Project is a new sacred arts collective started by Isaac Wardell (founder of Bifrost Arts). Their first album “Work Songs” is a collection of 13 songs centered around vocation and living a life of worship. While nearly every song on this album is incredible, a few standouts are “Wood and Nails”, “Little Things With Great Love”, and “Your Labor Is Not In Vain”. I’ll be doing a full album review soon!

by Calvin Hemphill

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