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The Roundup is a curated collection of new content from around the web that all relates to worship in the Church. Click the titles below to follow the links.

1. Eight of the Most Common Worship Leading Mistakes

Good reminders about common traps we can fall into as worship leaders. “So our goal is not to become flawless worship leaders who never make mistakes. Our goal is simply to keep being humbled by our awareness of our imperfection, and to keep growing, so we can more effectively point our congregations to Jesus in the power of the Spirit, not the power of our own professionalism.”

2. Preparing a Setlist

This is one of the most comprehensive blog posts I’ve read on preparing songs for a Sunday service. I appreciate the breadth and depth of preparation that Joel advocates here. I’ll be recommending this article to future worship leaders that I work with. 

3. Doxology & Theology Podcast: Panel on Liturgy

This is one of my favorite panel discussions from Doxology & Theology last November. It was just released on their podcast this month (only 20 minutes long). The most helpful quote for me was Zac Hick’s comment about how liturgy should be like clear glass, not stained glass – it’s meant to look through to Jesus, not to look at.

4. Singing With Martin Luther: A Model for Cultivating Hymns in the Language of the People

This year is the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. This article looks at the reform that Martin Luther brought to congregational singing and hymn writing, and then applies those principles to writing indigenous hymns in cross-cultural missions.

5. Jamming with Jenson: Thoughts on Worship from an Under-Appreciated Theologian

Zac Hicks writing on emotions and how worship needs to connect both head and heart. “Our people need to jump into the experience of worship in such a way that they feel the Word of God acting upon us.”

6. How to Find the Perfect Volume

This is a lengthy, but well written article on volume in church services (more from a technical perspective). Volume is so much more complicated than most people understand, and I appreciate his balanced and in-depth approach to the topic.

7. Recovering the Lost Art of Congregational Singing w/ Keith Getty

This was my favorite podcast from the last couple of months (originally posted in April). In it, Keith Getty talks about the need for returning congregational singing to the church, and discusses his upcoming conference Sing!.

8. Introducing Songs from The New City Catechism

The Gospel Coalition recently released new songs for helping families and children learn The New City Catechism. It’s free for download on TGC’s website and includes leadsheets if you want to play along at home.

by Calvin Hemphill

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