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The Roundup is a curated collection of new content from around the web that all relates to worship in the Church. Click the titles below to follow the links.

1. Stop Saying the Same Old Thing

It can be easy for us worship leaders to fall into the same old ruts each week with the words we say from the platform. Daniel Renstrom gives us three ways to better serve our congregations with the words we speak.

2. Improving Our Call to Worship

Instead of telling our people to “put their distractions away” at the beginning of our services, let’s point them to Jesus and remind them that he calls us to “cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you” (1 Pet.5:7).

3. 20 Things Pastors and Worship Leaders Should Say to Each Other More Often

Twenty short reminders of how we can encourage our pastors with the words we use.

4. Biblical or Cultural – Non-negotiables and Negotiables in Worship

Ron Mann asks what are the biblical non-negotiables in corporate worship, and takes a look at the flexibility that the New Testament allows for our worship practices. It’s a good reminder for those of us who tend to make our preferences into absolutes

5. Parkland Baptist Church Liturgy – 02/19/17

The Institute for Biblical Worship (Boyce College) often posts example liturgies from local churches. It can help to see how other churches structure their services, and gain fresh ideas. I appreciate the large amount of scripture that saturates the entire service in this liturgy.

6. Too Much Bono in the Church? Part One and Part Two

Aaron Niequist asks hard questions about if we’ve made corporate worship primarily into a mountaintop experience, ignoring that much of the Christian life is lived among plains and valleys.

7. On Giving and Receiving Blessings

Thoughtful article on why we should end our services with a blessing and sending, instead of just saying “see ya next week!”.

8. The Big Idea of Lent: Jesus Did What I Couldn’t Do

Great reminder from Zac Hicks about what is at the heart of Lent and how lamentation is a helpful Lenten worship practice.

by Calvin Hemphill

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