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The Roundup is a curated collection of new content from around the web that all relates to worship in the Church. Click the titles below to follow the links.

1. Jumpstart Your Heart In Worship

Matt Merker gives us a brief look at John Calvin’s theology of singing, and what we can learn from him today. “Music on a Sunday morning exists to awaken our hearts out of their weeklong stupor and jumpstart our joy in Jesus.”

2. When Audio Disasters Happen: The Four Steps to Follow

We just had a technical problem with our keyboard this last Sunday. This article was a timely reminder about how to respond with poise and confidence when unexpected audio issues arise during service.

3. We Become What We Chase After (Video)

It can be tempting as worship leaders to chase after worldly definitions of success and popularity. Aaron Ivey of Austin Stone Worship reminds us of the importance of chasing after God and His glory.

4. A New Song – Reformation Hymn

This year marks the 500 year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Bob Kauflin and Chris Anderson have written a new hymn based on the Five Solas to celebrate the anniversary.

5. The Creative Arts Director

Tim Challies recounts the plane flight conversation he had with a Worship & Creative Arts Director, and tells of the dangers of pragmatism in the Church’s worship.

6. 10 Suggestions for a Songwriting Retreat

Songwriting for the church is an area that I desire to grow in. This article has some helpful ideas for how to start and how to bring others along with you.

7. Worship Leader’s Deep V-Neck Mistaken For Sign Of Repentance

If you aren’t aware of The Babylon Bee, you need to read this article and then follow them on social media for more sidesplitting laughs.

by Calvin Hemphill

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