Gospel Centered Worship

The Roundup is a curated collection of new content from around the web that all relates to worship in the Church. Click the titles below to follow the links.

1. Leading Your Church To Unity In Worship

The “worship wars” may be over, but do we really have unity in our churches regarding worship, or have we just settled for compromise?

2. 10 Things I Did Not Do That Improved My Congregation’s Singing

Ten simple but helpful reminders on how we can help our congregations sing better.

3. Leading Kids in Worship

I’ll admit, leading kids in worship is really difficult for me, and is an area I need to grow in. I appreciate this article’s thoughtfulness and practicality.

4. Resources for Worship and Vocation

There's a huge need for connecting what happens in our Sunday gatherings to the rest of the week. Cardiphonia and Bifrost Arts have compiled a collection of resources to help churches better affirm their congregants' vocations during worship services.

5. Matt Boswell – Doxology & Theology: The Marks of Worship (Video)

Good introduction to Matt Boswell if you’ve never listened to him. His talk on Doxology & Theology from the Bethlehem College & Seminary Pastor Conference 2017.

6. Keith Getty – Songs & Sensibility: The Tools of Worship (Video)

Short but excellent thoughts from Keith Getty on picking songs and congregational singing. From the Bethlehem College & Seminary Pastor Conference 2017.

7. Excellence Demands Conflict

“With ministry, sometimes we feel like we have to be so delicate with people and walk on eggshells. Sometimes we need to be called out on our efforts in order to motivate us to be better in our craft.”

8. Singing Is The Language Of Joy

How singing offers an injection of gospel truth in the midst of challenges and disappointments.

by Calvin Hemphill

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