Gospel Centered Worship

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  • Singing in the Life of the Church

    Singing in the Life of the Church

    A couple months ago I preached my first sermon from Colossians 3:16, focusing on the role that singing plays in the life of a local church. The main thought I wanted our congregation to leave with was this: singing together as a church is an act of spiritual formation meant to renew our hearts in the gospel and deepen our love for God.

  • How Good Friday Prepares Us For Easter

    How Good Friday Prepares Us For Easter

    Easter is only a few days away, but before that comes Good Friday – the day that churches around the world gather to remember Jesus’ crucifixion, death and burial. The day is called Good Friday because the death and suffering of Jesus, as horrific as it was, is the apex of God’s plan for saving his people from their sins. What man meant for evil, God intended for good.

  • Gospel Centered Worship

    Gospel Centered Worship

    The gospel should be at the center of Christian worship, both individually with our lives and corporately as local churches. As worship leaders and pastors we have a great responsibility and opportunity to point our people to Jesus Christ when we gather. It is my desire to seek biblical understanding as we look to shape and shepherd our churches with the glorious message of the gospel.