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  • How Good Friday Prepares Us For Easter

    How Good Friday Prepares Us For Easter

    Easter is only a few days away, but before that comes Good Friday – the day that churches around the world gather to remember Jesus’ crucifixion, death and burial. The day is called Good Friday because the death and suffering of Jesus, as horrific as it was, is the apex of God’s plan for saving his people from their sins. What man meant for evil, God intended for good.

  • Singing With Thankfulness

    Singing With Thankfulness

    When was the last time that you sang to God with thankfulness in your heart? I ask because I know how easy it is for my own heart to become numb, forgetful, or even callous to the glorious news of the gospel. Life runs at a reckless pace and, before you realize it, can swallow you in a sea of worry, anxiety, and stress. Yet Colossians 3:16 says that we are to sing with thankfulness in our hearts. How are we to do this when we feel all spent and dried up? How can we give thanks when our hearts are heavy and weighed down?